Documenting Chicana Artists and Academics
One exciting project Jesús Garza has undertaken is photographing Chicana and Chicano artists and academics. Since 1967, Jesús Garza has made it his mission to photograph the Chicana and Chicano (Chicanx) experience. He focuses his camera on activists, workers, academics and artists in communities as diverse as Los Angeles, San Antonio, Tucson, Albuquerque, Fort Worth and San José. 
Garza understands that the incredible accomplishments of Latinos are often dismissed by the dominant culture. So for 50 years, he has taken on the role of outside observer and chronicler of Chicanx history. Feel free to contact Garza with any questions or comments at (682) 365-8702. 
Please support the photographer and videographer by visiting his Patreon Page. You can also donate via PayPal. Thanks.
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